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7 beautiful, and has the advantages of handy modification, modeling performance. Now appeared on the market in a variety of materials of snow boots, let consumers really false ones, now solemnly remind you to buy genuinestivali ugg wholesale network to the UGG, UGG wholesale stivali ugg are regular factory delivery, have the absolute quality assurance, can rest assured purchase.
Some by rate of different, the extension rate is also different, and the gap between 3 air-permeable. This characteristic can make the wearer's Khan gas, into the cavity of the shoe, make the wearer feel comfortable.
Its characteristics are: 1 natural leather parts quality varies greatly. Because of skin in the animal body parts of different functions, generation, development is different, made of leather after each part of the fiber structure, different density, tensile strength, get a different perception, especially hand sense extension, bending resistance and processing properties are different.
The characteristics of natural leather is superior to other materials, in theIt is flexible, breathable, wear-resistant, Naizhe, beautiful... So high-grade stivali ugg, leather footwear 2012 stivali UGG material necessary help.
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The 2 part fiber (threads) structure has direction. Each leather of different parts of the body, toward the fiber. When the leather by stretching the role, different parts of different extension rate.
4 good heat resistance, cold resistance. 5 abrasion resistance, punching resistance performance is good, and easy processing performance. 6 leather is soft, tough and resilient, and flex resistance. Suitable for human physiological needs.
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